Vaunt is an app that extracts dominant colors from any image!

And it's Free

Save time to create more.

How do I use Vaunt?

Follow the steps down below. :)

Step 1

Drop an image into the designated rectangle with a white dashed border.

Step 2

Wait a couple of seconds... ⏰

Step 3

Click on a dominant color of your choosing and it will be added to your clipboard (in accordance with the format you chose in the drop down menu)🎊. Vaunt uses a clustering algorithm to determine which colors from the image are dominant. The nature of this algorithm (sometimes) is to produce the darker variants of the most dominant colors (the colors with the white borders on the app). To account for this, various shades of a color are provided to you.

Update 1.1 🎊

You can now select a format of your choosing for your clipboard. More formats to come in every update!

Spread the word!

For support or questions about the app, please email me at: or send a tweet at @vauntapp